Western's Data network provides Western with high speed building-to-building and campus-to-Internet connectivity.

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EIS strives to Connect Active Minds by delivering a secure, reliable network experience for all Western students, faculty, and staff. We install and maintain the equipment needed to provide network access to thousands of computers, printers, and other devices. We maintain the miles of copper and fiber optic cabling used by that equipment to communicate effectively, and ensure consistent network service across all of Western's campus and remote sites. We strive to aid Western’s mission of delivering a transformational educational experience.

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Connecting Active Minds is not just about bringing secure, reliable network services to the classroom or the computer lab; it is about bringing services to students, faculty, and staff wherever they are. EIS strives to deliver a high-quality network experience to students whether they are studying in the library, demonstrating in Red Square, or relaxing out on the Comm Lawn on a sunny day. Our unified, dual-band, high-speed wireless network includes more than 500 internal and external access points on the academic network and over 800 access points in the residence halls.

If you are a department who is interested in self-funding an expansion of the wireless network in your area, or if you are a student who has great ideas for how and where we can deliver a better wireless experience, we want to hear from you!

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Cable and IPTV

Whether it’s the Olympics, the Oscars, or ever-changing world events, television has the power to bring a group of strangers together into a community of the moment. Western strives to improve the educational, co-curricular, and residential experience of its students by delivering Cable TV services to the residence halls, classrooms, and community spaces like the Viking Union and the Wade King Recreation Center. In addition to traditional Cable TV service, Western is working to bring modern on-demand and streaming television services to all students who live on campus via Comcast IPTV. Stay tuned for exciting new services on the horizon.

Curious about WWU's cable offering? Check out the channel lineup.

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