Voice Services

Notice about Skype and Legacy Phones

Skype for Business and legacy phone systems are being discontinued and are indicated in the "Discontinued Services" section. This info will be available for users waiting to migrate to Teams Voice.

Teams Voice

Microsoft Teams Voice is the officially supported phone service for Western employees and department phone numbers. To learn more about Teams Voice or to request services, please go to https://atus.wwu.edu/kb/teams-voice.


Employees can elect to receive Teams Voice calls to their mobile phones by downloading the Teams app for iOS or Android here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/download-app.

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Discontinued Services

Legacy Phones

Originally commissioned in 2001, Western's venerable Nortel 1000 provided the majority of the campus community traditional voice and voice mail services through CallPilot.​

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Skype for Business Unified Communications

Western has migrated all Skype for Business phone numbers to Microsoft Teams Voice in anticipation of Microsoft ending support for Skype For Business. Teams now provides all of the communication and collaboration features previously offered through Skype for Business.

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